Learn from a Podcast!

Podcasts for Kids

One activity the library has been highlighting during Remote Learning is... LISTENING!

This is a way to get off our screens that have become so integral in our daily lives and just use our ears.

Lay on the couch or in bed and just listen to learn new information.

Here are some podcasts we love and information for a successful listen...


Tips for listening successfully to a podcast:

Step 1: Download a podcatcher.

Step 2: Subscribe to your faves.

Step 3: Manage your settings.

Step 4: Find time to listen.

Step 5: Get the whole family involved



tumble science podcast for kids

Podcast | Tumble | Science Podcast for Kids

Tumble is a science podcast for kids and grownups. We tell stories about science discoveries, with the help of scientists!

This podcast also comes in Spanish! Fun for the whole family!


 wow in the world 
 Story Pirates 

Story Pirates

Secret: Ms. Ginsberg is friends with the creators of this podcast and even was a featured character in a story called "Cookie to All of Us!"



 VPR But Why 

But Why?